We all know that functions are very important in any spreadsheet program. Since we are evaluating the applications from different office suites that claim high compatibility with Microsoft Office, today we will be looking specifically at the functions included in Planmaker to see how compatible they really are with Microsoft Excel.

Our results show that Planmaker has a good amount of functions included in Excel. We counted 466 functions for Excel and 349 functions for Planmaker, but the difference is not just 117 functions as you might think. The fact is that Planmaker adds 30 functions that are not found in Excel, therefore Planmaker offers support for 319 Excel’s functions, but is missing 147 functions.

Some of the most important functions missing are: SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, AGGREGATE, IFS and TEXTJOIN. None of those functions are supported in Planmaker, so if you already have a lot of excel files that use those functions intensively, switching to Planmaker does not seem like a great idea.

But not everything is at lost when it comes to Planmaker and Excel functions. They also add functions not found in Excel. Some of the most useful ones may be SORTM, SORTV, TIMEDIFF, LASTSAVED, LASTPRINTED, DAYSPERMONTH and DAYSPERYEAR.

These results are a real deal breaker if you previously considered Planmaker as an alternative to Excel, and we only could recommend switching if your needs regarding functions are limited. We are sure that all 30 functions included in Planmker add value to this software, but the number of functions missing is too high to validate great compatibility with Excel. It is more fair to state that they offer compatibility to the most common Excel functions.

If you more details about all supported functions and missing functions, we prepared a pdf file with separate lists of Excel functions not supported in Planmaker, Planmaker functions not supported in Excel and Functions supported in both applications.

We hope you find this useful to document a possible change in your office suite and finally make the right decision. Until next time.

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