Are you looking for an alternative to office?

If your answer is affirmative, then you have come to the right place. In this site you will find in-depth reviews of the main office suites that can be used as an alternative to Microsoft Office. Please be advised that our content will focus on the main applications of Office: Excel, Word and Powerpoint, but eventually we may add reviews for other software such as OneNote, Publisher or Outlook.

You can usually find a lot of articles and videos about alternatives to Office like LibreOffice, WPS Office or any other similar office suite, but they rarely go and test the features that you will have available in those suites, how compatible they really are and what errors you might get while trying to open or edit files created in Office. It is our purpose to help you with that so you don’t waste your time downloading, installing and testing software that will end up being uninstalled or unused because it did not do what you expected.

When we start a review of one of these Office alternatives, our approach is as follows: We make a preliminary test opening fairly complex templates from Microsoft Office and see how the alternative handles those files. After that we could take one of the many in-depth manuals of any main Microsoft Office Application and see how far we can go to replicate exactly the same examples found in such manual in our own documents. Finally. we will report back any finding that we had got along the way. We could also add more comprehensive examples if we believe they better explain features or findings. Suggestions to test specific files are also welcome!.

Please consider that the only purpose of our reviews is to give you a solid base of information so you can make your choice with confidence and knowing exactly what to expect when you choose an alternative to Office. In our reviews we will not recommend to change your current office suite, in case you already have one that suits your needs, but if you give us information about what level of work you want to do and ask for our opinion, we may point out an alternative that we believe, according to our tests and reviews, may be a better fit if you finally decide to change.

As a final note, we recognize that Microsoft Office is a standard and the most powerful office suite, no one will question that. Nonetheless, as long time power users of several office suites, we also believe that users should make educated decisions, even if it is about the standard, Microsoft Office. There are actually cheaper or free alternatives, not tie to a subscription, that can actually serve us well and cover our specific needs.

Now that you know a little more about what we do, please go ahead and check our reviews, we are confident that you will find useful information to make your decision.