Softmaker updates its Office Suite

Softmaker has released a new version of its office suite. Right now it’s only available for Windows PCs. Linux version is still in public beta and there will be a new platform supported coming soon. I’m glad to see that we still have companies that work on improving their software. There are some good updates […]


We all know that functions are very important in any spreadsheet program. Since we are evaluating the applications from different office suites that claim high compatibility with Microsoft Office, today we will be looking specifically at the functions included in Planmaker to see how compatible they really are with Microsoft Excel. Our results show that […]


Today we will take a look at another office suite from the german company Softmaker. It includes the basic applications plus an improved version of Thunderbird to handle email. As usual, we will test the three basic components: TextMaker, which is clearly the text editor; PlanMaker, your typical spreadsheet program and Presentations, which name is […]